• Carton Sealing Tapes. The most affordable way to seal your parcels.

  • Acrylic Tapes (The most common)

  • Rubber Tapes (Hot Melt)

Stocked in 48mm and 72mm widths, we carry numerous thicknesses to meet your needs.

  •  A variety of hand held and table top dispensers are in stock are are very inexpensive. 

  • Reinforced Gummed Paper Tapes
    These tapes are for more secure or stringent applications and water is needed to activate the adhesive. A gummed paper tape dispenser is needed for proper application. 
    Appropriate dispensers are relatively inexpensive and long lasting.

  •  Filament Tape. Tough stuff. Plastic tape with reinforcing string in it. No less than 4 mils thick.

Stocked in 12mm (1/2") to 48mm (2') rolls.

  • Dispensers for filament tape resemble regular carton sealing tape dispensers.Heavy duty cutting blades.​

  • Other tape products are readily available.

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